Learn and Free [Download] Push Notifications For CPA Affiliate Marketing (Case Study) 2022 Udemy Course for Free With Direct Download Link.

Push Notifications For CPA Affiliate Marketing (Case Study) Download

How to use “Push Notifications” or “Push Ads” traffic to promote “Cost Per Action” offers as an affiliate marketer.

[Download] Push Notifications For CPA Affiliate Marketing (Case Study)

What you’ll learn

  • An overview of what Affiliate marketing is, and which affiliate offers are suited to Push notification traffic.
  • Know what Push notifications are, where they appear and how they work.
  • Understand what CPA affiliate networks are, and what types of offers they have.
  • Be able to select a CPA offer, using specific offer details that are important.
  • What a click-tracking service is, why you need one, and how it works.
  • How to create a Push notification advertising campaign at two different traffic networks
  • Be able to track a Push notification campaign using a click tracking service
  • Know how to determine a Return On Investment (ROI) for a Push notification campaign
  • Analyse and improve ROI for a Push notification campaign
  • The difference between a direct-linking traffic campaign and a landing page campaign
  • How to create a landing page using a service to create and host your pages.
  • How to create a landing page campaign and track clicks through a click-tracking service.
  • Create ads of specific sizes for different traffic networks, consisting of graphics, copy and emoji.
  • Multiple pitfalls to avoid and tips to enhance your chances of success
  • Requirements

    • Excitement and enthusiasm to activate a new traffic source rapidly, pay pennies per click and generate leads.
    • Access to a device with a web-browser and Internet access.
    • A small budget for initially testing Push Notification traffic and joining important online services.
    • Accounts at one or more Push traffic networks. My recommendations are in the course.
    • Accounts at one or more CPA affiliate networks. My recommendations are in the course.
    • A click-tracking service for profitable data insights. My recommendation is in the course.
    • A landing page service for creating and hosting landing pages. My recommendation is in the course.


    In this course you’ll learn what “push notifications” are and how to use them to successfully generate leads via CPA marketing.

    • Brad: “After having taken multiple courses for CPA Marketing on Udemy, this course was the best in my opinion. The content was great as it was specifically for Push Notifications as that was one traffic source that I wasn’t familiar with, so I learned a lot from the course. Also it was very professional and Neil did a great job of explaining the subject. I feel like I can jump right in with this traffic source with confidence.”

    Push notification ads have become very popular over the last few years. As affiliate marketers, we can buy push ads from traffic networks and promote CPA offers. Push ads cost as little as a penny per click, and traffic is available almost instantly.

    However, there’s a lot to learn to successfully generate profitable leads with push ads.

    After taking this course you’ll know…
    • what push ads are and how they work
    • where to buy push notifications
    • how to pick offers from affiliate (CPA) networks which are best suited to push traffic
    • how to drill down into your data to discover actions you can take to make your campaigns more profitable.

    This course has two main sections: the theory of how to generate “push ad” traffic to generate CPA affiliate leads and a walk-through where every step is shown and explained on-screen. I set up both a “direct linking campaign” and a “landing page campaign” to promote an affiliate offer using two different traffic networks.

    You’ll also see my “case study” where I explain how I generated over a thousand dollars in affiliate commissions from one offer in my first month doing CPA affiliate marketing with push notification traffic. (The results shown in the case study are my own and are for illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee you’ll make any money by taking this course. Your results will depend on your ability to interpret and apply the knowledge from the course).

    Note: due to the vast majority of push subscribers being on Android devices due to Apple requiring active consent, this course focuses on Android users. However, the only difference to advertise to Apple users would be to select the appropriate device or operating system at the traffic network you buy traffic from.



    Who this course is for:

    • People interested in using Push Notifications to drive traffic.
    • People wanting to perform affiliate marketing by driving Push Notification traffic to CPA offers.
    • Who want to know how to track and improve the ROI of their affiliate marketing campaigns

    Push Notifications For CPA Affiliate Marketing (Case Study) Download

    Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/push-notifications-for-cpa-affiliate-marketing-case-study/

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