Learn and Free [Download] Node.js Microservices for beginners 2022 Udemy Course for Free With Direct Download Link.

Node.js Microservices for beginners Download

Get started with the principles of distributed services in Node.js

[Download] Node.js Microservices for beginners

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of my course, students will be able to…
  • differentiate a monolith application from a microservice based one
  • justify microservice design
  • build a failure resilent distributed system using nodejs
  • implement microservice communication using different approaches such as REST API’s, GraphQL API’s and Message Q’s


  • You should be comfortable writing JavaScript code
  • You should’ve at least heard of Nodejs
  • You should be interested in improving yourself ????


Microservices are a architecture pattern in software development, where independent process or functionalities are composed together in a loosely coupled manner.
This way we can design applications and entire systems that keep reliable and failure proof even when one part of the application goes down.
This pattern is perfect for software/products that should scale vertically as well as horizontally!

For exactly those reason the skill of being able to design and implement microservices is a huge advantage in the labor market!

And by the way.. it’s super cool building microservices ????


Node.js as an incredibly flexible and, due to its asynchronous nature, performant runtime is a perfect tool to implement huge parts of any application designed with the microservice approach in mind!

Because of use cases including but not limited to:

  • Scalable API Gateways to handle millions and millions of requests
  • Database connectors (Mongoose + Mongo)
  • Communication Interfaces to other services like REST API’s, GraphQL API’s…
  • Isomorphic JavaScript for server-side-rendering
  • … 

In this course we will explore the fundamentals of designing and implementing Microservices using Node.js

Where does the need for microservices come from?
What need’s to be done to develop them?
What challenges will one face when designing microservice approaches?
Why is it worth using them?

This course is entirely hands-on and is focused on coding rather than plain theory.

Let’s get started enhancing your skills as a professional software engineer!
Let’s get started augmenting your horizon as a JS lover!

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who wants to get kickstarted with microservices!
  • Any JavaScript developer who wants to get to the next level

Node.js Microservices for beginners Download

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/nodejs-microservices-for-beginners/

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