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Employee Onboarding Mini Crash-Course Download

Learn the foundations of creating an employee onboarding experience that other organizations will be jealous of.

[Download] Employee Onboarding Mini Crash-Course

What you’ll learn

  • The different a good employee onboarding experience makes to an organization.
  • 11 Different ways to improve your employee onboarding experience.
  • How to overcome the main reasons organizations don’t invest in onboarding.
  • Determining what your onboarding goals should be for your organization.
  • How to scale up, personalize, and improve the employee onboarding experience incrementally.


  • Anyone is free to enroll. Please watch the “Is this course for you” video before purchasing.


A Quality Employee Onboarding Experience Tends To Be Exception, And Not The Norm.

  • Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.
  • A negative onboarding experience results in new hires being 2x more likely to look for other opportunities.
  • The organizational costs of employee turnover are estimated to range between 100% and 300% of the replaced employee’s salary.


Have you had a day one at your new job that looked like this?

  • Talking to people who made me feel that I’ve made the wrong choice in joining the organization.
  • An abrupt change from the interview and recruiting phase. While I was interviewing, they seemed like they couldn’t wait for me to start. When I did start, I felt taken for granted.
  • Getting in trouble for breaking unwritten rules that I wasn’t aware of.


I’m sure it took you awhile to get up to speed and find success at that organization.


But what happens with a good employee onboarding experience? 

  • From day one, I knew I had joined the right organization.
  • Instead of constantly onboarding due to turnover, you’re spending more time onboarding for new roles as your organization grows.
  • Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.
  • I had several people help me understand the unwritten rules, and gave me everything I needed to know, but was afraid to ask and can ease themselves into the organization.


Introducing The Employee Onboarding Mini Crash-Course!

Create a stellar employee onboarding experience to set up new hires for success from day one.


Here is What We’ll Cover:

  • Why You Should Invest In Your Employee Onboarding Experience.
  • Determining The Goals For You Employee Onboarding Experience.
  • 11 Onboarding Ideas And Best Practices That Other Organizations Use.
  • How To Make Your Onboarding Experience More Personalized.
  • How To Scale Up Your Employee Onboarding Experience.
  • How To Iterate & Improve Your Employee Onboarding Experience On The Regular.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their employee onboarding experience.
  • HR or People & Culture managers looking for different ways to improve their employee onboarding
  • Organizations that are facing major growth, and need to implement a foundation for their employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding Mini Crash-Course Download

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/employee-onboarding-crash-course/

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