Learn and Free [Download] Django Bootstrap Template Integration and Custom User Model 2022 Udemy Course for Free With Direct Download Link.

Django Bootstrap Template Integration and Custom User Model Download

Bootstrap Template Integration, Custom User Model, Ajax, API, and Fake Data Generator

[Download] Django Bootstrap Template Integration and Custom User Model

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to integrate Bootstrap Templates to Django from Scratch
  • Learn how to organize and structure Templates
  • Create Beautiful landing page with Bootstrap
  • Use Javascript to manipulate UI, work with datatable, modals and toastr
  • Use ajax request to post and retrieve data from the database in Django
  • Create Custom User Profile Model from scratch and generate fake data
  • Connect Django to XAMPP Server
  • Use pagination, Custom 404 and 500 Pages
  • Write pure Django API, Modify Django Allauth Form


  • Basic Django Knowledge
  • Windows/Linux/Mac
  • XAMPP Server
  • Python3.8/Django3


Do you want to creating a visually appealing Django web app but have little to no experience in CSS, bootstrap and jquery, or wondered how you can integrate a bootstrap template like ADMINLTE or other templates but have no idea on how to achieve it?. Well you’ve come to right place.

You may be a Django beginner who wants to quickly create stunningly beautiful looking web apps but would not want to waste time on designing a bootstrap template. If you want to build an e-commerce web-app, blog, content management system or anything with Django, there are tons of bootstrap templates available that could help cut down your development time, thus making your work easier so you can concentrate on the back-end development or you want to create custom admin user interface different from Django Administration dashboard. In this course I will teach you how to integrate bootstrap template into your Django project.

First you will learn how to connect Django to XAMPP SERVER in order to use MariaDB, next we will create custom User Profile model (email, password, names, photo, etc) so it will be easy to add or modify the user profile model at anytime, then we will add Django Allauth authentication system to our project and make few customization and bootstrap it. lastly, you will learn how to integrate a bootstrap template into the project with less code, make ajax call for form post and get, write pure Django API, generate fake data, work with datatable, create site search, dynamically update the page content with no page reload and work with custom 404 and 500 error page handler. at the end of this course, you must have learned and acquired enough skill to build a nice looking bootstrapped web app. This course is for anyone new to Django web development.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Django web developers

Django Bootstrap Template Integration and Custom User Model Download

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/django-bootstrap-template-integration-and-custom-user-model/

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