Learn and Free [Download] Application of Ergonomics to improve productivity and safety 2022 Udemy Course for Free With Direct Download Link.

Application of Ergonomics to improve productivity and safety Download

Learn to identify fatigue / ergonomic risk in manufacturing, assembly process and to eliminate using ergonomic principles

[Download] Application of Ergonomics to improve productivity and safety

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the relevance of ergonomics in workplace productivity and safety
  • You will learn the ergonomics principles in designing workplace
  • You will learn the structured process of identifying the fatigue in workplace and able to prioritise
  • You will get confidence with real case study examples of ergonomic improvements in small,emerging organization


  • You should be working in a manufacturing environment and familiar with productivity improvement techniques. with that background, if you learn this micro productivity tool ” Ergonomics” , this will enhance your understanding about ergonomics application in manufacturing process


This course is all about improving your manufacturing shopfloor people’s productivity and safety by identifying potential fatigue and eliminating them through simple ergonomics principles. This Ergonomics risk assessment and solutions approach can be applied wherever a human interface is involved, especially in the manufacturing environment.

This course is structured with a basic understanding of ergonomics applications in our day to day life, extending ergonomics principles from design to processes especially in manufacturing workplaces, principles of ergonomics, factors causing fatigue in the workplace, simple ergonomics assessment checklist to identify the potential fatigue in workplace and solutions approach to overcome fatigue. Also, the course is structured with a list to conduct the ergonomics risk assessment by any shopfloor engineer and to prioritize the potential ergonomics projects.

Also, practical insights in each step of ergonomics assessment are given so that the student can apply the technique easily in his work environment

To get the confidence to implement this risk assessment and solution approach in different industries and manufacturing processes, I have given practical case study examples from our SME client’s experiences.

This course is beneficial if you struggle with more fatigue in your workplace and looking for a micro productivity tool to improve productivity and safety.

This course is ideal for SME business heads, plant heads, manufacturing heads, Industrial Engineers, Process Engineers, and operations executives. Also, this hands-on learning will be useful for management students if you would like to increase your professional value.

At the end of the course, you will able to apply Ergonomics principles and risk identification techniques y to reduce your workplace fatigue or safety risks.

Who this course is for:

  • Manufacturing professionals like process, Industrial engineers ,Managers, Plant heads , CEO from SME organisations who is struggling with high fatique and low productivity issues in workplace especially in manufacturing environment

Application of Ergonomics to improve productivity and safety Download

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