Learn and Free [Download] Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowerPoint 2022 Udemy Course for Free With Direct Download Link.

Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowerPoint Download

Learn to create and animate professional explainer videos with PowerPoint. Master advanced animation in PowerPoint.

[Download] Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowerPoint

What you’ll learn

  • Fully understand how animations and animating with PowerPoint works
  • Create custom animations, transitions and logo openers in PowerPoint
  • Be able to create animated Explainer & Promo Videos with PowerPoint
  • Learn how to prepare, produce and publish videos
  • Get comfortable and confindent with advanced animation features



  • PowerPoint on PC or MAC (the newer the better, 2016, 2019 or Microsoft 365)
  • Basic PowerPoint usage and knowledge about animations will be helpful, but not mandatory


Are you envious when you see those professional explainer videos certain companies have?

Did you ever watched an animated YouTube video and wondered, if you just could do something that good and engaging?

With help of this course I will go with you step-by-step and teach you how you can create outstanding animated explainer videos using only PowerPoint!

You surely heard that more than 70% of the current web traffic is consumed via Video so it’s obviously one of the most preferred and well recieved ways of promoting any product, material or content. This is why you should be able to make good quality content that people will want to watch.

You can also use the skills to create videos for oyur clients.


This course focuses on creating Explainer Videos with PowerPoint. I want to teach you advanced animation techniques and make sure that I explain you everything you need to know during that process. We will learn:

  • How to gather resources for our work
  • How to prepare templates
  • How to properly build scenes
  • Usage of typography and kinetic typography in your work
  • Export high quality and ready, animated videos


We will create 3 types of animated videos in this course:

  1. An animated Product Promo video with multiple products shuffling around on the screen
  2. An animated Character Explainer Video in powerpoint with a custom downloaded character
  3. An explainer video with the use of Morph transitions – the newest powerpoint 2019 function


With help of this course you will get better at PowerPoint and become very confident working with any type of animation. We will also explore new features that PowerPoint offers by utilizing it’s newest Morph transition function.

I highly encourage you to take this course and have some fun inside PowerPoint with me, see you inside! Enroll now!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
  • People who would like to be able to create Explainer Videos by themselves
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use advanced animation techniques in PowerPoint
  • People who plan to publish video material on YouTube, Instagram or any platform
  • Online entrepreneurs and instructors who would like to enhance their animations
  • Students, teachers, professionals, anyone who would like to incorporate video animation into his work

Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowerPoint Download

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/powerpoint-animated-explainer-videos/

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