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C language headers

Up & Run with C Full Course with GDrive Link

This course covers over 60 of the most useful and popular functions, as grouped in the header files stdio.h, stdlib.h, stdint.h, string.h, and math.h. Instructor Eduardo Corpeño starts by...
C Essential Training

C Essential Training Course with GDrive Link

C has been around for nearly half a century, but it's still as essential as ever. This powerful language lies at the heart of many modern ...
Kotlin Development Course

Kotlin Developer Masterclass with GDrive Download Link

What Will I Learn?Learn Android development, Kotlin programming and Android studio from scratchLearn Kotlin programming from a professional trainer from your own deskCreate fun,...
Full stack Web Development Course

The Full Stack Web Development Course with GDrive Download Link

What Will I Learn?Learn core concepts of both the front end and backend programming courseGet familiar with the latest web developer technologies and ecosystemsLearn all...
js course

JavaScript Basics for Beginners Introduction to coding

Learn the foundations of JavaScript coding develop the core skills you need to apply JavaScript to your web projectsWhat Will I Learn?
learn css animation course

Download Learn CSS – CSS Animations, Transforms & Transitions

The download link is at the bottom of this postAbout the courseLearn and Master Advanced CSS Animations, CSS Transition and...
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