WhatsClone is an application that allows you to chat with friends in real time (for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Etc..,), with free Android Source Code

You can send and share (images or video or audio or PDF) … etc.

There is a local database to save your messages, therefore, when the user has lost his Internet connection, he can write a message, the message will be saved in the local database, and as soon as another user goes online, the application will send your message directly.

WhatsClone Messenger – Real time Messenger app with Socket

You can also delete a conversation or messages. Feel free to enjoy the new emoticons. From the Backend side, you can manage your application the way you want, even if you can control Admob and configure it from the toolbar. I create a backend using PHP and MYSQL (I integrate PHP with Node js to start the chat server). For the client side, I use Realm as a local database.

For the Backend side you can control your app as you want even you can control and settings up the Admob from the dashboard .I build the backend using NodeJs & Mongodb .For the client side i’m using : Room as database local.

Application Screenshots:

Price: $49 but You can download it for Lifetime free in our website.

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